Stupid Cupid: a roundup of some fabulous anti-Valentine’s Day decor

Anti Valentine by KitschyHippo

Now don’t get us wrong, the Couchelo peeps are suckers for love, but maybe not the red and pink heart themed, Hallmark-sponsored, overpriced circus kind of love that you find on Valentine’s Day.

We think that love should be celebrated all year round, and in the little things too: a cup of tea from your partner when you don’t want to leave the couch because Masterchef is on or a homemade cupcake from your BFF just because it’s Wednesday or the offer from Dad to drive you home from the airport after a 30 hour flight.

So this Valentine’s Day, we’re boycotting fancy restaurants, chocolates in a heart shaped boxes, red roses and just for giggles, we’ve rounded up our favourite décor to throw the perfect, unconventional anti-Valentine’s Day parties for you and your loved ones:

1. Love Stinks banner

love stinks banner

This expresses our sentiment towards all things Valentine’s Day perfectly, it’s a banner which is perfect for any celebratory occasions.

2. Tainted Love candles

tainted love candle

Set the scene with this this cheek-in-tongue candle which promise to mend your broken heart with a mixture of orange & grapefruit, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple and peach.

3. No Valentine’s Day Heart Piñata

anti Valentines Day pinata

Who can forget Jennifer Garner’s character in the movie Valentine’s Day beating the crap out of this hilarious piñata that probably costs a whole lot less than therapy sessions.

4. A bouquet of black roses

black flower arrangement

Nothing says “Screw Valentine’s Day” more than a bouquet of black roses, we’re pretty sure we want to have these in our house all year round.

5. ‘I Love You’ plates

I love you plates

Featuring a image of a knife, a bloody heart, and a horseshoe, what could be more fitting to serve your guests at your anti-Valentine’s party than on these Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari designed plates?

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from: Etsy, shoppingblog, Remodelista and artnews.

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