50 shades of green – ways to incorporate green into your home

2014 may not be the year of emerald according to Pantone but the Couchelo team still loves all shades of green when it comes to decorating the home (it is our signature colour afterall!). In honour of St. Patrick’s day, we’ve rounded up our top unique ways of incorporating green into your home:

1. Green wallpaper

Green wallpaper

We love this unexpected forest photo print wallpaper for any living space which evokes a sense of tranquility and brings the outdoors inside

2. Green headboard

Green headboard

If committing to an entire green wall is too much for you, why not try changing the headboard of your bed and there’s a million and one possibilities in terms of colour and fabrics to play with.

3. Green chairs

Green chairs

Bright green chairs with a neutral dining table is an easy way of adding a pop of colour to the space. We adore the sculptural shape of the chairs here as well.

4. Green statement carpet

Green carpet

Don’t just confide green to the walls, have green carpets line a white stairwell or star as the centerpiece in a white room to keep things looking fresh. The matching emerald lamp in the corner is a nice touch too

5. Green kitchen appliances

Green kitchen appliances

This mint fridge is retro-chic but fits in perfectly with in the clean lines of a modern Scandanavian-designed house like above. 

6. Green cabinets

Green cabinets

These chic olive cabinets will never go out of style and complement the rustic wooden bench perfectly.

7. Greenery


Succulents are the latest in house plants right now, not only are they strangely beautiful but very low maintenance as well, perfect for those without a green thumb.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from Fresh Home; Because It’s Awesome; Keltainentalorannalla; Life as a Moodboard; House Beautiful and the Brickhouse

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