50 shades of green – ways to incorporate green into your home

2014 may not be the year of emerald according to Pantone but the Couchelo team still loves all shades of green when it comes to decorating the home (it is our signature colour afterall!). In honour of St. Patrick’s day, we’ve rounded up our top unique ways of incorporating green into your home:

1. Green wallpaper

Green wallpaper

We love this unexpected forest photo print wallpaper for any living space which evokes a sense of tranquility and brings the outdoors inside

2. Green headboard

Green headboard

If committing to an entire green wall is too much for you, why not try changing the headboard of your bed and there’s a million and one possibilities in terms of colour and fabrics to play with.

3. Green chairs

Green chairs

Bright green chairs with a neutral dining table is an easy way of adding a pop of colour to the space. We adore the sculptural shape of the chairs here as well.

4. Green statement carpet

Green carpet

Don’t just confide green to the walls, have green carpets line a white stairwell or star as the centerpiece in a white room to keep things looking fresh. The matching emerald lamp in the corner is a nice touch too

5. Green kitchen appliances

Green kitchen appliances

This mint fridge is retro-chic but fits in perfectly with in the clean lines of a modern Scandanavian-designed house like above. 

6. Green cabinets

Green cabinets

These chic olive cabinets will never go out of style and complement the rustic wooden bench perfectly.

7. Greenery


Succulents are the latest in house plants right now, not only are they strangely beautiful but very low maintenance as well, perfect for those without a green thumb.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from Fresh Home; Because It’s Awesome; Keltainentalorannalla; Life as a Moodboard; House Beautiful and the Brickhouse

5 stylish storage solutions for every room

At Couchelo, we often find ourselves green with storage envy while browsing on interior design blogs, particularly at spaces that effortlessly incorporate meticulous organisation into interior design. We’ve collected our favourite storage solutions to help inspire you next time you’re thinking about buying another closet or box from Ikea:

1. Showcasing your closet

Showcase your closet

Instead of hiding your beautiful pieces away behind closed doors, why not make them the centerpiece of your bedroom? In an otherwise all white palette, the bright splashes of colour are refreshing on the eyes.

Showcase your closet

Put your best foot forward and opt for this shoe rack that doubles as wall art which will guarantee ooohs and aaahs from friends when they come over.

2. Ban kitchen chaos

Ban kitchen chaos

We love how practical this kitchen setup is with all the utensils and pots and pans within easy reach. This is particularly great for small kitchens with little built in storage.

Ban kitchen chaos

Having dinnerware permanently on display is a big commitment so be prepared to say no dirty dishes or mismatched sets. Try sticking with a colour scheme to keep things simple.

3. Bathrooms that doubles as art galleries

Bathrooms that double as galleries

An otherwise unused piece of bathroom property is perfect place to put a vanity tray displaying your cosmetics. The flowers and photo add a wonderful personal touch too.

Bathrooms that double as galleries

Open shelving means you can play around with patterns and colours for everyday items such as towels and soaps.

4. Organised offices and living spaces

Organising offices and living spaces

Rather than having a heap of files or photo albums, try creating a collage for your office space. That way, you call look at your favourite images all at once.

Organising offices and living spaces

Smart storage is building additional shelving above the TV and framing the TV with vases and flowers to create a warm and inviting space.

5. For the knick knacks

For knick knacks

For storing random knick knacks, a stack of vintage suitcases makes for an interesting and stylish talking point.

For knick knacks

Storing musical instruments can often be difficult and hanging them together up on a blank wall is a great way to exhibit your passion.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from CasaSugar; Apartment Therapy; Indulgy; Sacramento Street; Shelterness and Deborah Wood Murphy.

Big things are coming!


A few weeks ago, the Couchelo team pulled off our first ever product shoot thanks to our talented interior designer Jeanette Del Zio, fabulous photographer James Truong and a selection of some very special items from our friends at Rudi Rocket, Collectika, Drunk on the Moon, addVintage and French Folie. Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes:


The team is hard at work here setting up the mid-century home shoot. Check out the gorgeous wire sofa and brightly printed cushions from Collectika and the retro-chic folding screen from addVintage.


This charming rooster oil painting from Rudi Rocket would look just as good in your office as it would your home and we love the rustic charm of this collection of bright blue milk jugs from French Folie.


Empty gilded photo frames from Drunk on the Moon stacked together make for a quirky wall art while the wooden nesting bowls from Collectika are just begging to be filled with fruit.


Our camera shy co-founders Will and Fei feel right home in this French farmhouse setup. We’ve got those stunning vintage suitcases from French Folie on their wishlist!

A special thanks to newlyweds Jenny and Wayne for lending us your beautiful apartment.

Stayed tuned for BIG things to coming March (psst, our app is almost ready so sign up here to be one of the first people to give a test drive)!

Text by Jessica Li.

5 iconic pieces of furniture in film

With the 86th Academy Awards night just around the corner, the Couchelo team is reminded of what important good set design is in telling the story so we’ve created a list of feature furniture pieces that have gained cult status of their own:

1. Henrik Thor-Larsen’s Ovalia Egg Chair

Ovalia Egg Chair

Made popular by Men in Black, this particular Egg Chair was designed in the 1960s but is so timeless that it look right at home in the future as it would have some half a century ago.

2. Bocca Lip Sofa

Boca Lip Sofa

This retro favourite from Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me was originally inspired by Salvator Dali’s Marilyn museum sofa in a colour very atypical of the mod era.

3. Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair

Knoll Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona chairs from Casino Royale in M’s apartment are a classic act in an apartment that is a stylish extension of her steely composed self.

4. Ruby Chesterfield Armchair

Ruby Chesterfield Armchair

The sophisticated ruby leather armchair that Morpheus is lounging in when Neo decides between the red and the blue pill in is juxtaposed against the harsh reality of the Matrix.

5. Clawfoot Bathtub Sofa

Clawfoot Bathtub Sofa

And who can forget Holly Golightly’s bathtub sofa in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a perfect place to entertain guests and or curl up with Cat if you’ve got a case of the mean reds.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from An Patel; Retro Furnish; Mad About the House; Fedge and Candana.

Found this great video by Meredith Greenberg on youtube today that showcases how you can find new uses for old things in your home! She uses paint swatches to create cute decor items and my favourite, Christmas lighting veils in the bedroom! 

Sometimes little things can make a big difference. Why not take a look around your place and see what may be lying around aimlessly, and put it to good creative design use.