Pallet Patio Furniture

Beautiful blue skies and balmy summer temperatures are keeping us all outdoors well into the evening. Recycling and some diy time can help you transform your unused balcony or courtyard into a beautiful space to enjoy entertaining guests. 

Here are some ideas from 1001 Pallets to get you started! 

Pallet Table: 

Cheap and easy to make! Perfect for outdoor dining over the summer. Tutorial here. 


Pallet Bar:

Become the host with the most by transforming an old pallet with a few splashes of paint into a mini bar for a drinks session. Tutorial here.


Pallet Daybed:

With a few extra cushions and padding, pallets prove to be perfect for outdoor lounging. Tutorial here. 


Image Credit: 1001 Pallets

10 Ways To Decorate With Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s 2014 Color Of The Year

Say goodbye to emerald, it’s time for Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s Color Of The Year 2014, which Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute, describes as “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple, and pink undertones.”

We absolutely love this bold color which inspires creativity and ingenuity - one that may appeal to design-focussed, tech-savvy people in their 20s and 30s. “Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” says Eiseman. “An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.”

So what does this mean when it comes to interior design? Well, if you’re a fan like we are, use these ideas to incorporate a vibrant splash into your home decor.

1. Dining Chairs With Subtle Charm

Blue Kitchen by Cacco Main Interiors

Whether you choose a traditional/eclectic or a highly modern layout, apply a combination of colors, fabrics, textures and lighting fixtures to make your place feel like home.

2. Romantic Throw Pillows

Romantic Throw Pillows by Pinterest

Pillows in this colour work perfectly with neutrals as well as adding a romantic feel to any bedroom or living room.

3. Modern Interior Delight

Different Shades by Pianca

Pairing shades of purple and maroon against white walls provide a sophisticated feel in a modern interior.

4. Complimentary Colors

Pink and Yellow by ADFL

Pink and yellow are both stubborn yet complimentary colors - yet they can look so awesome together.

5. Patterns and Prints

A Small Accent

We are sure to see even more patterns and prints in this eye-catching color in the months ahead.

6. Accent With Nature

Radiant Orchid Floral Decor

Flower color trends tend to follow those in fashion and decor too. Expect to see radiant orchid in weddings and special events in the coming months.

7. Vibrant Furnishings

Westchester Showhouse 2011

Modern fresh, yet has roots to its tradition which is so inviting.

8. Upholstered and Homey

Minimalist Kitchen Home Decor by Become Gorgeous

Upholstered dining sets are comfortable and homey and make it easy to linger over breakfast newspaper or a conversation.

9. Brass Tones

Brass Tapware by Candana Sydney

Pairing this tone with brass tapware is a winning combination, its the type of color that works well with both traditional and contemporary fixtures.

10. Got Art?

Radiant Orchid Artwork by The Suite Life

A centrepiece artwork in this expressive and exotic color invites confidence and warmth.

New Year’s customs: Jo'burg furniture throwing voted one of the strangest

The New Year’s custom in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, of throwing furniture out of windows of tall buildings has been voted one of the strangest customs worldwide to bid farewell to the old year and ring in the new.


The local custom came fourth in a poll conducted by social networking site, which asked 7 200 users in 18 countries to vote for the strangest and most fun New Year’s customs.

The Chilean city of Talca’s custom of spending New Year’s Eve at a cemetery to be with dead relatives won the poll for the strangest custom.

A Romanian custom of trying to hear animals talking – where failing to do so brings good luck – came second, followed by the Irish practice of banging bread on the wall to scare away evil spirits.

Following Johannesburg’s fourth place was a Siberian custom of diving into a frozen lake carrying a tree, and a custom in North Carolina in the United States where you lower a possum over a noisy crowd.

The Johannesburg custom also took fourth place as the most fun New Year’s custom.

The mass kiss-in in Venice, Italy, Mexico’s practice of wearing red underwear for good luck and a three-day water fight in Thailand took the top three places in the fun category. 

Those looking for new furniture in the new year, and finding ways to offload their old furniture have to look no further than Couchelo. Looks like we’d be sweeping up the streets for the New Year if we were in Johannesburg. 

Happy New Year Everyone!

Xmas Feasts & Treats!

As we approach the holidays, restaurants in Sydney are being booked out for Christmas lunches and dinners. Here is a list of our favourites where the design is just as good as the food with or without the turkey..

The Grounds of Alexandria

With a wholesome approach to food and design, the Grounds of Alexandria has become a Sydney cafe staple. A former pie factory, the fit-out provides an inviting contemporary spin whilst maintaining the integrity of the former warehouse. 

7A/2 Huntley St Alexandria NSW 2015


(image by Michael Wee)

Mr Wong

Mr Wong’s interiors instantly creates a mise-en-scene of 1930s Shanghai with its jazz music and striking colonial-style furnishing. An incarnation of Tank nightclub, the dark timber floors and existing structural elements prove to complement the new additions including blue cement tiles and a mural of a period-specific Asian lady. The traditional Cantonese themed food adds the final touch for complete immersion into old Shanghai. 

3 Bridge Lane Sydney, NSW 2000


(image by Paul Gosney)

The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room

The former Brooklyn Hotel is transformed into a New York-inspired hospitality venue encouraging patrons to feel at home with communal dining tables and clustered stools. The  interior uses indoor plants to create an intimate setting, with large street-facing windows recreating a stoop-like people watching experience. Watch out for the occasional $1 oyster treats. 

225 George St Sydney, NSW 2000


(image by Murray Fredericks)

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie

A real life mini Willy Wonka factory is invoked in the design of this sugar patisserie. Well known for the unique macaron flavours, Zumbo’s latest instalment uses a ‘dessert train’ to add to the intrigue of this quirky and colourful venue. 

Shop 1 Cafe Court, The Star, 80 Pyrmont St Pyrmont, NSW 2009


(image by Murray Fredericks)


Mejico has successfully captured the essence of a Mexican canteen whilst avoiding all the cliches of the culture. It has a predominantly neutral palette with touches of vibrant colours from the occasional item of furniture or from the food itself. Bold graphics on both the walls and floors provide a high level of energy perfectly complementing the mix of chillis and peppers. 

105 Pitt St, Sydney 2000


(image by Juicy Design)