An Illustrated History Of Interior Design

From shag carpeting to shabby chick to IKEA, this interactive infographic visualises a history of interior design.


1950s interior design was characterized by modernism and influenced by the Danish design movement, with crisp, sweeping lines and vivid coloring.


During the free love movement of the 1960s, interior designers reacted to the wholesome, traditional family values of the ‘50s with post-modernist riffs on elements of the past (Victorian and Georgian-inspired furniture) and the imagined future (groovy lava lamps).


The 1970s saw the birth of DIY culture, Space Age-influenced styles (like that pod chair), and the hippie movement’s preference for rustic, “natural” furniture of teak and pine.


The 1980s saw the birth of “shabby chic” and the avant garde Memphis Group in Milan, with furniture in bold geometric shapes and colors. The decade of excess also brought plenty of chintzy, ostentatious interiors.


1990s interior design reigned in the excess of the '80s, opting for more minimalism and lots and lots of pine furniture.


The 2000s saw the Ikea flatpack furniture takeover and a bigger integration of tech into interior design, with flatscreen TVs channeling home cinema.


In the 2010s, self-expression has come to define the approach to interior design. So has economizing–the recession has led to smaller furniture with built-in storage.

Inspired by FastCoDesign; Images from Harvey Water Softeners

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This month we will be announcing a winner each week for our launch celebration - giveaway competition. Enter to find out if you are the lucky winner. So many lovely and unique pieces to choose from on our app. Visit to download our app and get hunting. 

5 Timeless Design Elements from Mad Men: Home Edition

This is part two of the post featuring the stylish furnishings of our favourite period drama, Mad Men. As we dive into the homes of our favourite TV style icons, we recognise most of the items chosen are associated with Betty, but to be fair nobody has a better grasp of suburban 1960’s life and style than the former Mrs Draper. 

Here’s 5 Timeless designs and elements that you can incorporate into your space today:

1. Betty and Don’s bed


If only Betty and Don’s relationship was as perfect as this frosty blue velvet, button tufted bed head. The material is certainly fitting for this era and the fact that it provides a comfortable resting spot for Betty’s weary head, that’s just a bonus.

2. The muted coral walls in Joan’s apartment


This dusk pink, coral wall suits Joan to the core. The teal, coral and cream colour mash up in Joan’s living room perfectly portrays her precise, non-frivolous personality. The choice of furniture is more traditional and the arrangement clean and simple. It is not a playful setup, but none the less Joan is not a playful character outside of work. I certainly would not want to be caught making a mess at her place.

3. Megan and Don’s manhattan apartment


Megan and Don’s manhattan apartment are a perfect portrayal of their relationship. Although we feel for Betty and her perfect housewife despair, we can’t help but feel the attraction of the lifestyle that being with Megan offers. Don’s a curious, ambitious and flirtatious man, we can’t help but agree that this is a home that suits Draper. 

4. Betty’s suburban kitchen


Notice the green and pink hues again with Betty’s suburban kitchen. I dare say the greens and oranges were a popular colour scheme in the 60s. There is a homely charm to the kitchen, though in today’s day and age, a spray of high gloss white with original wooden bench tops would give the kitchen a brighter lift away from the melancholic watermelon scheme that represents that suppressed depression enveloping Betty Draper.

5. Black Barcelona leather daybed


Technically, this doesn’t count as home furnishings but we couldn’t resist finishing off with this delightful Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona daybed. The piece looks just as good at Betty’s Psychiatrist’s office as it would any home or office in this day and age. We’ve seen few settings of this daybed under elegant ceiling down window sills. Absolutely classic.

We have launched!!!Download our iPhone App now by visiting or search for Couchelo in the App Store.Browse through hundreds of one-of-a-kind vintage, handcrafted and creative pieces that’ll make your home look awesome.

We have launched!!!

Download our iPhone App now by visiting or search for Couchelo in the App Store.

Browse through hundreds of one-of-a-kind vintage, handcrafted and creative pieces that’ll make your home look awesome.

Big things are coming!


A few weeks ago, the Couchelo team pulled off our first ever product shoot thanks to our talented interior designer Jeanette Del Zio, fabulous photographer James Truong and a selection of some very special items from our friends at Rudi Rocket, Collectika, Drunk on the Moon, addVintage and French Folie. Here’s a sneak peak behind the scenes:


The team is hard at work here setting up the mid-century home shoot. Check out the gorgeous wire sofa and brightly printed cushions from Collectika and the retro-chic folding screen from addVintage.


This charming rooster oil painting from Rudi Rocket would look just as good in your office as it would your home and we love the rustic charm of this collection of bright blue milk jugs from French Folie.


Empty gilded photo frames from Drunk on the Moon stacked together make for a quirky wall art while the wooden nesting bowls from Collectika are just begging to be filled with fruit.


Our camera shy co-founders Will and Fei feel right home in this French farmhouse setup. We’ve got those stunning vintage suitcases from French Folie on their wishlist!

A special thanks to newlyweds Jenny and Wayne for lending us your beautiful apartment.

Stayed tuned for BIG things to coming March (psst, our app is almost ready so sign up here to be one of the first people to give a test drive)!

Text by Jessica Li.

5 iconic pieces of furniture in film

With the 86th Academy Awards night just around the corner, the Couchelo team is reminded of what important good set design is in telling the story so we’ve created a list of feature furniture pieces that have gained cult status of their own:

1. Henrik Thor-Larsen’s Ovalia Egg Chair

Ovalia Egg Chair

Made popular by Men in Black, this particular Egg Chair was designed in the 1960s but is so timeless that it look right at home in the future as it would have some half a century ago.

2. Bocca Lip Sofa

Boca Lip Sofa

This retro favourite from Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me was originally inspired by Salvator Dali’s Marilyn museum sofa in a colour very atypical of the mod era.

3. Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair

Knoll Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona chairs from Casino Royale in M’s apartment are a classic act in an apartment that is a stylish extension of her steely composed self.

4. Ruby Chesterfield Armchair

Ruby Chesterfield Armchair

The sophisticated ruby leather armchair that Morpheus is lounging in when Neo decides between the red and the blue pill in is juxtaposed against the harsh reality of the Matrix.

5. Clawfoot Bathtub Sofa

Clawfoot Bathtub Sofa

And who can forget Holly Golightly’s bathtub sofa in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a perfect place to entertain guests and or curl up with Cat if you’ve got a case of the mean reds.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from An Patel; Retro Furnish; Mad About the House; Fedge and Candana.

5 Timeless Design Elements from Mad Men: Office Edition

Mad Men

Season 7 of Mad Men premieres on April 13 and the Couchelo team are waiting impatiently for the return of Don Draper’s antics, gorgeous 1960s fashion and most of all, the retro-chic home and office furnishings. The use of bold colours, crazy textures and clean lines makes Mad Men our favourite source of décor eye candy on TV.

So let’s take a look through the past seasons for 5 timeless designs elements that you can incorporate into your office space today:

1. The burnt orange sofa with clean lines 

Burnt orange sofa with clean lines

Technically, there are two elements typical of mid-century design we love here (three, if you count Don’s trilby): the burn orange palette is something we’ve come to expect from the era and the clean lines and button-tufted sofa adds a simple pop of colour to the monochrome space.

2.  The “tulip” table and “mushroom” lamp in Roger’s Office

“Tulip” table and “Mushroom” lamp

Roger Sterling’s office is a light and bright minimalist space where he spends most of his days drinking and contemplating the future of his on-again-off-again love affair with vixen Joan. Styled by his ex-wife Jane, we particularly love the mod-signature pieces such as the white Saarinen Tulip table and the Artemid Nesso desk lamp featured above.

3. The conference chairs in the creative’s lounge

Conference chairs

The makeshift copywriter’s conference room reflects the young and progressive crowd who occupy it. The Saarinen Executive Conference Chairs provide an appropriately professional touch to an otherwise eclectic mix of furnishings.

4. The gold chinoiserie folding screen

“Chinoiserie folding screen in goldFolding screens were all the rage in the 1960s and this oriental design was no doubt the influence of eccentric partner Bert Cooper’s obsession with the Far East. We like how the folding screen’s bold print provides a welcome distraction from the heavy use of solid colours in the space.

5. The wooden bar cart in Don’s office

“Wooden bar cart

And what post about Mad Men would be complete without an ode to the excessive drinking that Don Draper and Co. take part in at the office. Situated conveniently next to his desk, the wooden bar cart is simple and functional, with everything Don needs to make his Old Fashioneds.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from: GQ; Elle Decor; Modern Digs; The Office Stylist; Be Colorful and The Good Men Project.

Pallet Patio Furniture

Beautiful blue skies and balmy summer temperatures are keeping us all outdoors well into the evening. Recycling and some diy time can help you transform your unused balcony or courtyard into a beautiful space to enjoy entertaining guests. 

Here are some ideas from 1001 Pallets to get you started! 

Pallet Table: 

Cheap and easy to make! Perfect for outdoor dining over the summer. Tutorial here. 


Pallet Bar:

Become the host with the most by transforming an old pallet with a few splashes of paint into a mini bar for a drinks session. Tutorial here.


Pallet Daybed:

With a few extra cushions and padding, pallets prove to be perfect for outdoor lounging. Tutorial here. 


Image Credit: 1001 Pallets