I’m sure you’ve experienced this.

When trying to get rid of your hard to sell old furniture, it’s quite often that you’ll find no takers. It could be a dining table that is either too big or too small for others to use, a bookshelf that has seen better days, or a chair that needs reupholstering. At some time in our lives, we’ve experienced the painful process of dragging a piece of furniture to the local donation pick up, posting it to an online classifieds or chucking it out onto the porch and hoping (fingers crossed) that someone will snap it up before the rain does.

That’s where Couchelo comes in. We’re building a mobile platform to connect sellers of pre-loved, vintage and creative items for the home, to buyers in the area who are genuinely interested in making a deal. It’s simple. Take a photo, write a short description and set your price - expect people in your location to start contacting you and negotiating for your item! If you’re someone looking for a bargain or a unique piece for your home, this app is also for you too. We’re doing this to inspire creativity and sustainability by providing an easy-to-use mobile platform to buy and sell furniture and homewares.

So here we are. 4 months into development and looking for beta testers for our Minimum Viable Product. This week, we’re also very excited to announce the endorsement of two key reuse suppliers in Sydney who contribute to environmental sustainability and encourage community awareness of responsible design and manufacture. Couchelo is on the lookout for more Australian furniture suppliers who want to create a used furniture marketplace that is simple, convenient and fun!

Watch this space to learn of Couchelo’s exciting progress in the next few months!


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