5 Tips When Buying Vintage Furniture

What is so appealing about buying vintage or a preloved piece of furniture is that it’s often cheaper than buying new, and pieces that have aged with time and marked by the touch of those who cherished them before us can give our homes character and personal style. However, buying vintage furniture and vintage homewares can be daunting and a little complicated, especially if you don’t know where to look, or if you’re not the type who enjoys scouring dusty op-shops in search of treasurable finds.

The good news is that the traditional approach to buying vintage furniture and accessories is changing. Gone are the poky corner shops and the ‘take it as it comes’ mentality. Many companies now showcase their wares in inspiring settings, and will also restore and modify furniture, accessories and soft furnishings to create a perfect fit for your home. To further ease the transition, many vintage pieces can be given a contemporary makeover to suit your interior style.


Here are a few tips on what to look for when buying Vintage furniture and homewares:

1. Buy the best with what you’ve got. Make sure you know the difference between good and poor quality before you buy.

2. Question yourself. Do you love it? Is it a good example of its type? How rare is this particular one? Is it by a notable maker/designer? Is it in good, original condition?

3. Be adventurous. Mix and match what you buy and avoid being limited by sticking to just one style. Good quality objects from different eras can look really good together.

4. Be selective. Collecting should be about quality, not quantity. Remember to keep your collection fluid, not set in concrete. If better examples are found, sell off the poorer ones.

5. Avoid fashion. Form your own opinions about what to collect. Don’t follow the pack; consider buying furniture that others aren’t buying.

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