7 Decorating Ideas for your Bookshelf

Bookshelves not only store all your favorite books, but they also give you a place to display decorative accessories. 

It gives you a chance to bring in color, texture and personality to a room. And that can be accomplished even when the shelves are only holding books. Here are seven decorator ideas to help you create beautifully arranged bookshelves.

Decorating Bookshelves

1. Use bookshelves to carry on your color scheme. Unify the look by adding accessories that repeat the main colors of the room.


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2. When lining up multiple bookshelves with adjustable shelving, vary the heights of the shelves in each unit. This will add movement and visual interest.


Sharon Portnoy Design

3. To give bookshelves a sleeker more polished look, add glass doors. The doors will also help cut down on your dusting.



4. Create a stylish and unexpected display by hanging artwork and other decorative items from the front of bookshelves.



5. Make your built-in bookcases standout by painting them in a contrasting color from the walls.



6. If you have lots of colorful books and accessories, bring in some black-and-white artwork to break up all the color.



7. Don’t overload bookshelves with lots of accessories. Keep things simple and it won’t look cluttered. Take time to step back and view your display to see if it’s balanced and visually pleasing.


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Our favourite upcycled bookcases

Author C.S Lewis once said “I can’t really imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once” so we’ve rounded up our favourite upcycled bookcases that you can DIY to showcase your growing collection.

1. Tree branches

Tree branch bookcase

Simple and chic, these repainted tree branches bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

2. Stacked coffee tables

Coffee table bookcase

Painted in the same purple hue, these stacked coffee table add a bright pop colour to the muted wall.

3. Baby grand piano

piano bookcase

Give new life to an unused baby grand piano, this statement bookcase would be perfect for any music lover.

4. Maze of drain pipes

drain pipe bookcase

These repurposed drain pipes are a cool way of incorporating a cultured element into any man cave.

5. Stacked wooden crates

crate bookcase

If you have a bunch of identical old crates lying around, why not stack them up and use them to showcase your books and prized possessions?

6. Baroque photo frames

photoframe bookcase

These black photo frames provide a quirky alternative to wall art and the fact they serve a dual purpose is a bonus.

7. Skateboard

skateboard bookcase

Old skateboards can make for a fun and imaginative bookcase and the perfect place to store all your childhood favourites.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from Qaaks; Creative Home Idea; Tina Blaine; iiDudu; Top Dreamer and Fresh Home.