7 Decorating Ideas for your Bookshelf

Bookshelves not only store all your favorite books, but they also give you a place to display decorative accessories. 

It gives you a chance to bring in color, texture and personality to a room. And that can be accomplished even when the shelves are only holding books. Here are seven decorator ideas to help you create beautifully arranged bookshelves.

Decorating Bookshelves

1. Use bookshelves to carry on your color scheme. Unify the look by adding accessories that repeat the main colors of the room.


House to Home

2. When lining up multiple bookshelves with adjustable shelving, vary the heights of the shelves in each unit. This will add movement and visual interest.


Sharon Portnoy Design

3. To give bookshelves a sleeker more polished look, add glass doors. The doors will also help cut down on your dusting.



4. Create a stylish and unexpected display by hanging artwork and other decorative items from the front of bookshelves.



5. Make your built-in bookcases standout by painting them in a contrasting color from the walls.



6. If you have lots of colorful books and accessories, bring in some black-and-white artwork to break up all the color.



7. Don’t overload bookshelves with lots of accessories. Keep things simple and it won’t look cluttered. Take time to step back and view your display to see if it’s balanced and visually pleasing.


Better Homes and Gardens


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5 Timeless Design Elements from Mad Men: Office Edition

Mad Men

Season 7 of Mad Men premieres on April 13 and the Couchelo team are waiting impatiently for the return of Don Draper’s antics, gorgeous 1960s fashion and most of all, the retro-chic home and office furnishings. The use of bold colours, crazy textures and clean lines makes Mad Men our favourite source of décor eye candy on TV.

So let’s take a look through the past seasons for 5 timeless designs elements that you can incorporate into your office space today:

1. The burnt orange sofa with clean lines 

Burnt orange sofa with clean lines

Technically, there are two elements typical of mid-century design we love here (three, if you count Don’s trilby): the burn orange palette is something we’ve come to expect from the era and the clean lines and button-tufted sofa adds a simple pop of colour to the monochrome space.

2.  The “tulip” table and “mushroom” lamp in Roger’s Office

“Tulip” table and “Mushroom” lamp

Roger Sterling’s office is a light and bright minimalist space where he spends most of his days drinking and contemplating the future of his on-again-off-again love affair with vixen Joan. Styled by his ex-wife Jane, we particularly love the mod-signature pieces such as the white Saarinen Tulip table and the Artemid Nesso desk lamp featured above.

3. The conference chairs in the creative’s lounge

Conference chairs

The makeshift copywriter’s conference room reflects the young and progressive crowd who occupy it. The Saarinen Executive Conference Chairs provide an appropriately professional touch to an otherwise eclectic mix of furnishings.

4. The gold chinoiserie folding screen

“Chinoiserie folding screen in goldFolding screens were all the rage in the 1960s and this oriental design was no doubt the influence of eccentric partner Bert Cooper’s obsession with the Far East. We like how the folding screen’s bold print provides a welcome distraction from the heavy use of solid colours in the space.

5. The wooden bar cart in Don’s office

“Wooden bar cart

And what post about Mad Men would be complete without an ode to the excessive drinking that Don Draper and Co. take part in at the office. Situated conveniently next to his desk, the wooden bar cart is simple and functional, with everything Don needs to make his Old Fashioneds.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from: GQ; Elle Decor; Modern Digs; The Office Stylist; Be Colorful and The Good Men Project.

12 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

This year, instead of buying a stock standard Christmas tree, or decorating your home with ornaments and festive decor purchased from a local store - think about mixing it up with something more crafty. These alternative out of the box tree ideas will add a fun and stylish vibe to your home this holiday.

#1 Wireframe and Globe Lights Christmas Tree

Wireframes and Globe Lights

Spare and modern, this tree alternative tucks into any corner and doubles as a stylish lamp.

#2 Camera Tripod Christmas Tree

Tripod Christmas Tree

For the photographers out there, check out this clever centerpiece using your camera tripod.

#3 Knick-Knack Wall Christmas Tree

What better way to show off meaningful photos, jewellery and trinkets by hanging them together like art? This can be made with useless (but pretty items) collected over the years.

#4 Stick in Jar Christmas Tree

Stick in Jar Christmas Tree

Keep it simple.

#5 Book Stack Christmas Tree

Book Christmas Tree

Don’t throw out this year’s uni textbooks or old encyclopaedias. Not only will you look well read, but you’ll be able to play a mean game of Jenga afterwards.

#6 Mountain Dew Cans Christmas Tree

Mountain Dew Tree

Just another reason to stock up on VB…

#7 Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

…or if you prefer wine.

#8 Dry Wood Christmas Tree 

Wood Christmas Tree

Not only is this a green alternative, but it inspires you to get your craft on.

#9 Tempting Tasting Tannenbaums Christmas Tree

Cupcake Christmas Tree

This is one delicious show-stopper. Diet starts…next year…

#10 Balloon Christmas Tree

Balloon Christmas Tree

A very light alternative, and easy to clean up!

#11 Hanging Mobile Christmas Tree

Hanging Christmas Tree Mobile

Christmas trees are great, but floating, abstact Christmas trees? All kinds of amazing.

#12 Ladder Christmas Tree

Ladder Christmas Tree

Don’t know what to do with that spare ladder? Now you do.