Top 8 DIY Design Ideas Found On Pinterest

1. Print vintage labels and stick them to old cans for retro storage baskets


2. Sew a pocket onto your couch cushions for television remote storage


3. Paint wooden stairs two different colors to add detail and depth


4. Use blackboard paint on kitchen cupboards


5. Make your hat rack an artwork


6. Fill a tray with pebbles for a practical and pretty shoe rack


7. Use a plank of wood as a tea light holder


8. Make a rope basket


Inspired by thenewdaily; Images from Country Home, Good House Keeping, House and Garden UK, House Beautiful, Lushome, Martha Stewart, Coastal Nest, Cupcakes and Cashmere

Amazing Portraits Recreated With Recycled Materials

Jane Perkins is a UK artist who uses found objects and recycled materials to create something new. She recreates famous artworks and portraits using found objects in an ongoing series called Plastic Classics.

Perkins gets most of her materials from charity shops, boot sales and the recycling centre in Exeter; along with donations from friends and neighbours. Each piece usually takes about three weeks and she initially uses a glue gun so she can play with the layout and move objects around. Once satisfied, she paints the whole artwork with a layer of diluted PVA glue.

See more of her work on

1. Afghan Girl (based on photograph by Steve McCurry/National Geographic)


2. Usain Bolt


3. Albert Einstein


4. Nelson Mandela


5. Kate Middleton


Images from AvaxNews.

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Pimping Your Scruffy Piece Beyond Recognition

All you need is some creativity and paint to pimp any scruffy piece beyond recognition.

Here are some fresh ideas and inspiration on how to restore and re-love old furniture!

Green Energy


Prettier In Pink


Black & White Bliss


Ray of Sunshineimage

Peppermint Breezeimage

Zesty Orangeimage

Denim Delightimage

Ruby Relishimage

Terrifically Turquoise


Truly Blue Baby I Love You


Crispy Grey


Bright White LIght


Lively Lime


Clad in Coral


Rope Remake


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Our favourite upcycled bookcases

Author C.S Lewis once said “I can’t really imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once” so we’ve rounded up our favourite upcycled bookcases that you can DIY to showcase your growing collection.

1. Tree branches

Tree branch bookcase

Simple and chic, these repainted tree branches bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

2. Stacked coffee tables

Coffee table bookcase

Painted in the same purple hue, these stacked coffee table add a bright pop colour to the muted wall.

3. Baby grand piano

piano bookcase

Give new life to an unused baby grand piano, this statement bookcase would be perfect for any music lover.

4. Maze of drain pipes

drain pipe bookcase

These repurposed drain pipes are a cool way of incorporating a cultured element into any man cave.

5. Stacked wooden crates

crate bookcase

If you have a bunch of identical old crates lying around, why not stack them up and use them to showcase your books and prized possessions?

6. Baroque photo frames

photoframe bookcase

These black photo frames provide a quirky alternative to wall art and the fact they serve a dual purpose is a bonus.

7. Skateboard

skateboard bookcase

Old skateboards can make for a fun and imaginative bookcase and the perfect place to store all your childhood favourites.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from Qaaks; Creative Home Idea; Tina Blaine; iiDudu; Top Dreamer and Fresh Home.

5 Amazing Shipping Container Homes

House made of 31 shipping containers recently listed an incredible one-of-a-kind house in Brisbane, made of 31 shipping containers. Designed by Todd Miller of Ziegler Build, the three-story property cleverly uses the container’s original interior to create an industrial chic effect.

Shipping container homes are popping up everywhere. With over 200 million empty units sitting in ports around the world, turning them into inhabitable spaces is an eco-friendly solution for those looking for something a little outside of the box.

The possibilities are endless. Here ’s a few of our favourite upcycled houses:

1. Coromandel Beach House

Coromandel Beach House

This gorgeous holiday home in New Zealand designed by Crossan Clarke Carnachan Architects makes the most of the beach views with an open-planned living space and large windows in the front and back of the house.

Coromandel Beach House

It features two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, folding cedar shutters along the length of the house and even has a fireplace for entertaining on chilly winter nights.

2. Redondo Beach House

Redondo Beach House

The stunning Californian multi-shipping container house designed by Peter Maria Design Associates has won coveted architecture awards. It boasts two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, an artist’s studio, a library and an outdoor lap pool.

Redondo Beach House

The living space has an impressive 6m ceiling with an even more impressive floor to ceiling window which folds up and opens out to the garden.

3. The Manifesto House

The Manifesto House

This funky three shipping container house was a 90-day project by Chilean construction company Infiniski, which came in at a budget friendly $118,000.

The Manifesto House

The entire house is 85% made out of recycled, eco-friendly and reused materials, with wood-slatted exterior and solar covers on walls and roofs. The interior furnishings fits the cool designer bill too.

4. Container of Hope

Container of hope

Architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe turned two shipping containers into this bold, modern space by cutting out an entire side wall and setting them apart with a raised mid section.

Container of hope

The house was built for under $40,000 for a couple who dreamed of living a simpler life in rural Costa Rica.

5. Container Guest House

Last but not least, this cute as a button guest house designed by Award-winning US firm Poteet Architects in Texas complements its bright exterior with bamboo walls and floors and a planted roof top.

Container Guest House

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from:; One Kind Design; Eco Container Home; Gizmag; Home DSGN and Remodelista.

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7 Creative Ways To Store Your Wine Bottles

About to get your long weekend drink on? Check out these quirky and creative upcycled bottle racks to stash your wine :D

1. Milk Crate Wine Rack

Upcycled Milk Crate from Oh Glory Vintage

Got Milk?

2. Film-inspired Wine Rack

Film-inspired Wine Rack by Nordstrom

Nordstrom keeps it classy with this gorgeous film-inspired wine rack

3. Bicycle Wine Rack

Bicycle Wine Rack by Acqtaste

It seems crazy to combine the idea of riding a bike with wine, however this clever invention makes us wonder why someone didn’t think of this sooner?

4. Tin Can Wine Racks

Find some jumbo tin cans — the kind used for coffee grounds or crushed tomatoes — and turn them into this color-blocked wine rack

5. Tree Wine Rack

Tree Wine Rack by Pinterest

What a neat concept!

6. Wooden Pallet Wine Rack

Wooden Pallet Wine Rack by The Riddling Rack Guy

Here is a fantastic way to utilize a small patch of wall to get your wine out on display and easy to access

7. Ski Wine Rack

WSki Wine Rack by American Adiron Dack Chairs

You do not have to be a wine connoisseur or an expert skier to appreciate this innovative way to display your favorite vino

Found this great video by Meredith Greenberg on youtube today that showcases how you can find new uses for old things in your home! She uses paint swatches to create cute decor items and my favourite, Christmas lighting veils in the bedroom! 

Sometimes little things can make a big difference. Why not take a look around your place and see what may be lying around aimlessly, and put it to good creative design use.