5 stylish storage solutions for every room

At Couchelo, we often find ourselves green with storage envy while browsing on interior design blogs, particularly at spaces that effortlessly incorporate meticulous organisation into interior design. We’ve collected our favourite storage solutions to help inspire you next time you’re thinking about buying another closet or box from Ikea:

1. Showcasing your closet

Showcase your closet

Instead of hiding your beautiful pieces away behind closed doors, why not make them the centerpiece of your bedroom? In an otherwise all white palette, the bright splashes of colour are refreshing on the eyes.

Showcase your closet

Put your best foot forward and opt for this shoe rack that doubles as wall art which will guarantee ooohs and aaahs from friends when they come over.

2. Ban kitchen chaos

Ban kitchen chaos

We love how practical this kitchen setup is with all the utensils and pots and pans within easy reach. This is particularly great for small kitchens with little built in storage.

Ban kitchen chaos

Having dinnerware permanently on display is a big commitment so be prepared to say no dirty dishes or mismatched sets. Try sticking with a colour scheme to keep things simple.

3. Bathrooms that doubles as art galleries

Bathrooms that double as galleries

An otherwise unused piece of bathroom property is perfect place to put a vanity tray displaying your cosmetics. The flowers and photo add a wonderful personal touch too.

Bathrooms that double as galleries

Open shelving means you can play around with patterns and colours for everyday items such as towels and soaps.

4. Organised offices and living spaces

Organising offices and living spaces

Rather than having a heap of files or photo albums, try creating a collage for your office space. That way, you call look at your favourite images all at once.

Organising offices and living spaces

Smart storage is building additional shelving above the TV and framing the TV with vases and flowers to create a warm and inviting space.

5. For the knick knacks

For knick knacks

For storing random knick knacks, a stack of vintage suitcases makes for an interesting and stylish talking point.

For knick knacks

Storing musical instruments can often be difficult and hanging them together up on a blank wall is a great way to exhibit your passion.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from CasaSugar; Apartment Therapy; Indulgy; Sacramento Street; Shelterness and Deborah Wood Murphy.

5 Timeless Design Elements from Mad Men: Office Edition

Mad Men

Season 7 of Mad Men premieres on April 13 and the Couchelo team are waiting impatiently for the return of Don Draper’s antics, gorgeous 1960s fashion and most of all, the retro-chic home and office furnishings. The use of bold colours, crazy textures and clean lines makes Mad Men our favourite source of décor eye candy on TV.

So let’s take a look through the past seasons for 5 timeless designs elements that you can incorporate into your office space today:

1. The burnt orange sofa with clean lines 

Burnt orange sofa with clean lines

Technically, there are two elements typical of mid-century design we love here (three, if you count Don’s trilby): the burn orange palette is something we’ve come to expect from the era and the clean lines and button-tufted sofa adds a simple pop of colour to the monochrome space.

2.  The “tulip” table and “mushroom” lamp in Roger’s Office

“Tulip” table and “Mushroom” lamp

Roger Sterling’s office is a light and bright minimalist space where he spends most of his days drinking and contemplating the future of his on-again-off-again love affair with vixen Joan. Styled by his ex-wife Jane, we particularly love the mod-signature pieces such as the white Saarinen Tulip table and the Artemid Nesso desk lamp featured above.

3. The conference chairs in the creative’s lounge

Conference chairs

The makeshift copywriter’s conference room reflects the young and progressive crowd who occupy it. The Saarinen Executive Conference Chairs provide an appropriately professional touch to an otherwise eclectic mix of furnishings.

4. The gold chinoiserie folding screen

“Chinoiserie folding screen in goldFolding screens were all the rage in the 1960s and this oriental design was no doubt the influence of eccentric partner Bert Cooper’s obsession with the Far East. We like how the folding screen’s bold print provides a welcome distraction from the heavy use of solid colours in the space.

5. The wooden bar cart in Don’s office

“Wooden bar cart

And what post about Mad Men would be complete without an ode to the excessive drinking that Don Draper and Co. take part in at the office. Situated conveniently next to his desk, the wooden bar cart is simple and functional, with everything Don needs to make his Old Fashioneds.

Text by Jessica Li. Images sourced from: GQ; Elle Decor; Modern Digs; The Office Stylist; Be Colorful and The Good Men Project.